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Cleaned up three passages that had repeated elseif statements. Cleaned up one passage, swapping it to switch/case logic. Tired of only watching one show on each channel on TV? This job will feature 4 different promotions, where each promotion unlocks a new task for you to do! Cooking dinner at the apartment will also allow you to call for Zack to come and eat. This happens with Noah, Zack and OC. One happens during dinner, the other two can happen while grabbing a snack. All this happens at a set allure point, and zizporno.cc (http://maralenterprises.com/__media__/js/netsoltrademark.php?d=86f.wolftraxpercussion.com/__media__/js/netsoltrademark.php?d=zizporno.cc) a specific random number, Https:/%Evolv.e.L.U.pc so it should be fairly randomized, although some characters will have a higher risk of taking advantage, because of your relation to them. The tracker will reset when you're hired, and should start at 0 if you load an old save. Fixed a bug where stripping down on the balcony didn’t immediatly update your stats. Fixed another bug where you could keep watching porn into the Asleep time slot, in the Mansion. Fixed a bug where you could keep watching TV in the mansion into the Asleep time slot.
If you don’t shower, it will keep dropping. Completing this questline with the good ending will allow you to keep the new characters in the game, unlocking the safehouse as a permanent location. Going to Constantins room in the safehouse after the kidnapping mission would display "Hang out with Johnson". Added a safehouse location for the questline involving Constantins kidnapping. Decreased the chance to get used in the alley, allowing for easier entry if you have the alley job. You also no longer have the option to search the corridors after setting fire to the archives. This questline is extensive and also has a good and a bad ending. Added a whitespace between the Enter button and the error text in the archive if you don’t know the password. Now, once you’ve already seen the archive, Constantin won’t prompt you to enter again. Added time advancement to hanging out with the residents of the mansion. Added fun scenes to Noahs cafe date, Noahs lake date. Added fun scenes to OCs cafe date, and actual fun scene to OCs bar date, instead of the teasing no-show. Please let me know how to further expand on this, as I am not at all experienced in genderbender, so any and all input will be greatly appreciated!
She’s not just a librarian… You’re now not able to give a loving BJ right after he takes advantage of you. ≥30) This job pays £350 flat, but takes out two time blocks instead of the regular one time block. Added new cheats relating to jobs - you can now cheat yourself to the office job! Fixed a bug where sex with Constantin would only occur if your corruption was EXACTLY 250. Now it can be above or equal to 250 again. While this action actually did let you hang out with Constantin, the descriptive text surely was confusing. Added new location to the Cult. Socializing at the cult now costs one time block, and is restricted at night. Added a new job to the cult. Added 4 images to showing gratitude after hitching a ride to the bum-den. Changed the corruption requirement needed to masturbate after watching porn. How could he. After waiting the 6 days to see him again, you will have to wait another 4 days to blow him, for an approximate of 10 days in total. OC will now apologize for what he has done. If you shower, it will go back up. You now need a better relationship with Zack to text him.
Changed minor text details to jogger and birdwatcher. Added an event to walking in the park, you now have a 1/100 chance of getting sprayed by a skunk, thus forcing you to go back and take a shower LOL! • Fixed the laptop porn bug. Fixed a bug where the OC chock counter wouldn't count, making progressing from what happened in the outskirts impossible. Added different flavor text to the mansion kitchen. Added different flavor text to the apartment kitchen. Fixed some minor bugs and visual flaws with the Constantin Kidnapping questline. Remember, jogger is 7 times, and birdwatcher is 5 times. Game now tracks how many times Rob has raped you. Game now tracks how many times you've been harassed at the cafe. Added new text when asking for your job back, for zizporno.cc those who haven't been raped by Rob. Special thanks to Taulion for thoroughly playtesting this before release! Special thanks to Taulion for helping me with some of these features during this update v0.4.2!

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